The Slot for Ares’s Sword

Pragmatic Play’s Ancient Greek-themed online slots, including the Sword of Ares, have been quite popular. Another game by the same developer that follows this formula is Sword of Ares.

The slot is a sequel to Pragmatic Play’s immensely popular Gates of Olympus game, albeit it uses a different game engine and has different extra features. Prepare your swords and shields, for this review of the online slot game Sword of Ares will reveal all.

Gaming Concept: The Sword of Ares

You’ll have a good idea of what to anticipate from Sword of Ares if you’ve ever played a slot game with an Ancient Greek theme before. The game’s loading screen features a massive reel grid adorned with gold and detailed patterns. The grid lies on a golden floor in front of a temple, and the reels rest atop it. On the right side of the slot, Ares himself stands guard with sword and shield, coming to life with slick animations. The design is straightforward yet effective, and true aficionados of the genre will appreciate it.

Play the Mobile Slot Machine Sword of Ares

Sword of Ares is compatible with a wide variety of mobile and desktop platforms, as are other slots developed by Pragmatic Play.

Google Chrome and Safari, two of the most popular mobile browsers, both support the slot. It’s just as enjoyable to play on a mobile device as it is on a desktop computer.

Blade of Athena Slot Machine

Sword of Ares follows in the footsteps of previous Pragmatic Play slots, most notably its forerunner, Gates of Olympus, in terms of gameplay. The game replaces conventional paylines with an expanded 6×5 grid. Instead, winnings are awarded anytime eight or more of the same symbol appear anywhere on the grid.

There are 20 coins in each stake, and the player may adjust the coin value and total wager at any moment using the plus and minus buttons to the left of the spin button. Like other high-quality online slot machines, this one has a $0.20 minimum bet and a $100 maximum.

Free Spins and Bonuses in the Sword of Ares Slot

The Sword of Ares slot machine has fantastic extra features that improve the gaming experience and increase the chances of winning.

First, a Tumble function has been implemented. New symbols fall into place on the grid and old ones vanish whenever a winning combination is formed. This process is repeated until there are no more possible outcomes on the grid.

Players may choose among three locked-off multipliers above the reels, or six if they are in the Free Spins Round. The total number of symbols is tallied whenever a winning combination is achieved. Once enough symbols have been collected, the multipliers will become available in order.

A multiplier of up to 4x is available if 20 symbols are collected. The second has a multiplier of up to 8x and is unlocked after collecting 50 symbols; the third has a multiplier of up to 15x and is unlocked after collecting 100 symbols.

If you get four scatters anywhere on the screen, you’ll get 15 free spins. The round’s multipliers are adjusted periodically. The first offers a multiplier of up to 4x and may be accessed after collecting 15 symbols. After accumulating 27 symbols, a second multiplier of up to 8x will become available. After 39 symbols, you get the third, which may be up to 15x as large. After 55 symbols, the fourth can reach a maximum of 25x. As much as 50x after 85 symbols in the fifth. The last multiplier is a guaranteed 500x, and it’s available once a player has gathered 235 symbols.

Bomb symbols can also appear on the board. These remain stationary on the grid during a tumbling sequence, but explode at completion of the tumbling sequence, clearing the grid of symbols and setting off the next tumbling sequence.

Win Rate, Max Bet, and Volatility for “Slot, Sword of Ares”

You may earn a lot of money playing the Sword of Ares slot machine for real money. The highest payout in the game is 10,000 times the player’s total wager. Pragmatic Play rates its volatility at a perfect 5/5, and the highest payout percentage you can find for this slot is 96.40%. You should examine the game’s paytable before spinning the reels, since there are two additional variants with lesser RTP.

Review of the Sword of Ares Slot Machine

If something isn’t broken, there’s no use in trying to fix it. Sword of Ares follows the formula set by its predecessor, the Gates of Olympus slot, to a significant extent. This isn’t a terrible thing, since both games include fun and engaging mechanics, straightforward yet effective aesthetics, and respectable odds of success. Sword of Ares is a really enjoyable slot game, and the new multiplier feature just adds to the thrill of the bonus rounds.

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