HBO Show Will Influence The Last of Us Part

Neil Druckmann, maker of the acclaimed Last of Us series, has shared his contemplations on a The Remainder of Us Section 3, and how components from the HBO transformation could some way or another tie into it.

It hasn’t been affirmed at this point, yet the truth of the matter is, Mischievous Canine is most certainly concocting something from the shadows. Concerning what this strange task is as yet anyone’s estimate, however given the way that the HBO variation of The Remainder of Us as of late circulated its last episode, the most conceivable response would be a third part to the computer game series.

It appears to be legit, what with the IP being quite possibly of the most financially effective thing in gaming history. What’s more, we should be fair, given Insidious Canine’s heredity of undisputed honor winning series, a third game positively wouldn’t do without a worldwide sponsorship. Once more, be that as it may, until Druckmann reveals insight into the matter, the IP will basically grow dim with HBO.

“Assuming that we at any point return to them in game structure… ”
“On the off chance that we at any point return to them in game structure,” Druckmann said in a meeting with EL ESPAÑOL. “Which is not yet clear, there are most certainly components that I will take from the series that would apply to the games.”

Anyway, how precisely will this purge the series? Indeed, that still needs to be heard. Furthermore, once more, this isn’t to say Druckmann is ensured to get back to The Remainder of Us by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, on the off chance that a third game is underway, a subsequent watch could possibly be all together.

In any event, Underhanded Canine will undoubtedly share a few extra subtleties regarding the matter from here on out. What’s more, for when it does, we’ll make certain to tell you here on

All in all, what’s your take? Do you suppose we’ll see The Remainder of Us Section 3 anytime in the following couple of years? Tell us your considerations over on our socials here.






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