EXPOSED: The Review of the Secret Romance Slot Machine

Have you ever been involved in an illicit love affair? If you haven’t heard, Microgaming is releasing a slot game based on a love story. The developer’s own take on the Valentine’s Day genre, Secret Romance. You may count on feeling in a romantic mood anytime you play it. If you’re in the mood for some romance, then you should read this. Pink patterns adorn every surface, and red and other colors associated with love fill the air. You can also customize the game so that it always features your own love song. And if you’re on the fence about whether or not to participate, you shouldn’t be. A Microgaming product is a safe bet. Playing the reels will always be an exciting experience thanks to the high quality of the visuals and gameplay.

An Atmosphere of Love

The game’s interface is similar to that of other slots. With its standard layout of five reels and three rows, you should feel right at home here. Although they start with the standard playing card symbols of A, K, Q, and J, the rest of the emblems on the reels are beautifully themed. Moreover, a number of Valentine’s Day presents are included. Among these are a perfume bottle, a rose wreath in the shape of a heart, chocolates, and more. As we’ve already mentioned, the fact that the game was developed by Microgaming means that all of the icons are exceptionally well-drawn.

There are 15 pay lines in addition to the reels, rows, and different symbols. You can’t change this setting during play, so you’ll always be betting on 15 lines. You can, however, alter your bet size before each spin. To achieve this, use the corresponding plus and negative buttons. The maximum number of active coins is 15, allowing for a high maximum bet of £15 each spin. A ‘Max Bet’ button is available for instantaneously betting the maximum amount. The ‘Autoplay’ button allows you to spin multiple times with the same bet without having to manually click the spin button each time.

Make Sure to Kiss Your Spouse Tonight!

It’s fantastic fun to learn about all the unique features a slot machine has to offer. You can learn everything about it by perusing the Secret Romance selection. To begin, it has a lot of mysterious symbols built into it. Stacks of these appear on each of the reels. As a group, they always show the same sign as you spin them into view. The possibility of this being a dispersed group exists as well. These assure increased payouts and more possible wins per spin.

You can earn up to 14 extra turns by accumulating scatter symbols. In order to initiate such, you must have three or more of the scatters in view. Spin three or more additional scatters or wedding bands into view during the free spins round to enhance the value of the round’s multiplier. This can go as high as a factor of five. In addition, wild icons can show up as a Mystery Symbol during free games. So, you can spin a group of unknown symbols into view, and some of them might become wilds.

When it comes to forming a winning combination, the wild symbols can replace any other emblem on the reels. The aforementioned features are the last of the game’s special ones.

Closing Statement

When it comes to releasing games, Microgaming is usually spot-on. It’s a shame that Secret Romance doesn’t present any fresh takes on the genre. Wilds, scatters, and free spins are the standard fare instead. Mystery symbols are a wonderful addition, but they have been in other games as well. But if you’re the type to play love games, then Secret Romance might be your cup of tea. See if there is a new slot sites skin for this game, or look through some online slots reviews to find a more engaging slot machine.






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